The skin is the human body’s largest organ, colonized by a diverse milieu of microorganisms, most of which are harmless or even beneficial to their host. This ecosystem, unique in each of us, is composed of living biological and physical components that cohabitate in a delicate balance. Disruptions in this balance can result in skin disorders, infections, compromised immunity, digestive disorders and even alterations in chemical markers throughout the human genome.

I had the fortune of discussing how to support this balance in further detail with certified nutritionist and health coach, Mia Rigden. If you missed the live convo, here are some key takeaways:

- LINNÉ products are pH balanced and are made exclusively with preservatives that support the microbiome. For water soluble formulas we utilize a fermentation of radish root to populate our products with beneficial bacteria- leaving no room for unwanted invaders. Our oil soluble products protect themselves with a CO2 extract of organic rosemary that not only promotes product freshness but contains antioxidant activity. All our products also include antibacterial and antiviral essential oils that remarkably DO NOT cause bacterial resistance. Conversely essential oils can reverse resistance in bacteria and inhibit bacterial communication!!!

- Hand sanitizer is non-selective and kills both good and bad bacteria. That good bacteria is essential as it provides our bodies it’s first line of defense. We understand that current conditions require increased sanitation but nevertheless please use sanitizer responsibly and only when you do not have access to water and soap.

- Hand washing with soap and water works! Surfactants gently but effectively remove surface debris, bacteria and viruses without disrupting the microbiome. If possible, choose cleansers that are pH balanced.

- Sleep, stress and diet all affect our microbiome. Get plenty of rest, reduce stress and eat a plant based diet rich in fiber, healthy fats and pre and probiotics.

- When you can, get outside and expose yourself to healthy bacteria. Exposure to soil can also neutralize free radicals, help improve mental health and immunity, and reduce inflammation and cell damage.

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