We believe that it is the responsibility of all modern brands to think expansively about their brand mission. Ours certainly extends well beyond providing you with products for healthy glowing skin. As we grow, we want to increasingly improve our environmental footprint. From our inception packaging has been of great consideration. Not only did we want to provide you with something that brought you esthetic joy but we wanted to make sure our materials reflected our commitment to environmental stewardship.

Our veggie-ink printed boxes are made from recycled and forest stewardship council certified paper and can easily be recycled or composted. As per our primary packaging, ACTIVATE and PURIFY are offered in BPA-free PET. Clear PET is able to be infinitely recycled and is the most widely accepted plastic by recycling facilities worldwide. In the new year these products will be available in sugarcane plastic squeeze tubes. The growing of sugarcane will sequester 3x as much carbon as it will take to produce our bottles - thus yielding a carbon negative result! The remaining core collection is available in clear glass, which, unlike black or colored glass, is widely accepted by recycling municipalities worldwide. Aside from its environmental benefits, we chose clear bottles to allow you to enjoy the natural colors of the products themselves, clearly determine product fill, and further communicate our commitment to brand transparency.

To facilitate our dedication to give as much as we take, we have also partnered with RePurpose Global to become a certified plastic negative brand. This means that for each pound of plastic we bring into circulation, we fund the proper recycling of twice that weight in plastic. This is done namely in areas of the world where recycling systems are minimal or otherwise obsolete. Through our partnership with RePurpose we help employ and empower marginalized waste workers to ethically reclaim and dispose low-value plastic waste that otherwise would accumulate in landfills or be flushed into our waterways and oceans.

Beauty is truly beyond skin deep. Thank you for your help in preserving our beautiful planet.

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