The product that started it all.  Although I had been making skincare from natural ingredients since the age of ten, the development of BALANCE truly set the foundation for the LINNÉ collection.

The product was formulated for my dear sister who once struggled with painful cystic acne. We were living on opposite sides of the country and it was before the days of FaceTime and zoom. I knew she had some blemishes but I wasn’t aware how uncomfortable she truly was. On a family beach vacation I learned that she had begun a course of Accutane and thus had to be completely protected from the sun. Her deep blemishes were starting to clear but her skin was dry, tender and extremely sensitive. I felt very moved to resolve her discomfort and bring her skin back to balance.

Upon returning home I began experimenting with plants I had been studying in my botany and herbal medicine classes. I felt inspired by my time working for Marie Veronique and True Botanicals to address the problem with a face oil. Though my sister was surprised and a bit nervous to put oil on her skin, my experience working for True Botanicals and Marie gave me confidence. With my sisters help we iterated the formula until we had a blend that made her skin sing.

I’m thrilled to report that my sister today has clear, radiant skin, as do countless LINNÉ loyalist who have put their trust in BALANCE. As the names suggests, this product brings the skin back into harmony. Rather than fighting or stressing it into submission it helps the skin establish a healthy balance of sebum production while reducing inflammation and treating with antibacterial and antimicrobial constituents that are remarkably as gentle as they are hardworking.

I’m truly so grateful to my sister and all the folks who have since put their faith in these products. Thank you for being a part of the LINNÉ family.

Jenna, Founder & Formulator

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