At LINNÉ we strongly advocate for daily facial massage to enhance the absorption of products as well as relieve tension, promote lymphatic drainage, oxygenate cells, and improve skin tone and texture. Whether you are using your hands or the myriad of tools available, incorporating facial massage is sure to enhance your self-care routine. And it’s an especially timely technique to embrace during a pandemic if we aren’t regularly seeing an esthetician.

While there are wonderful tools to up-level your at-home ritual, you truly need nothing more than your hands for a quick but effective facial massage. The beauty of this routine is that you can do it anywhere, anytime. All you need are your hands and a bit of product to prep the skin. We always recommend our mist, serum, and oil for the job. They create the perfect lubricity as we never want to tug on the delicate facial tissue. REFRESH mineral mist is a wonderful multi-vitamin hydrator for the skin that aids in the absorption of subsequent product application. Our RENEW serum is an antioxidant-packed, skin-refining serum formulated to keep skin clear, bright, and youthful. We recommend coupling these hydrophilic products with our hydrophobic face oils. BALANCE is our recommended choice for oily or blemish-prone skin and REPAIR has been formulated for dry, stressed, and mature skin. 

Be generous in your product application, making sure to cover the face as well as the front and back of your neck. When you are ready to begin the massage, we recommend starting at the back of your neck using circular motions to warm up the muscles. If you’d like more pressure you can use your knuckles in a gentle kneading motion to break up any tension. Slowly start to work around your neck, lessening pressure as you near the front. Be mindful of the throat and apply only gentle gliding touch or skip the area entirely. 

Generally speaking, you want to practice lifting motions, however, to first clear lymphatic channels you're going to use the flat side of your hand in gliding downward motions, starting at the jawline, moving down the neck towards the collarbone. You can tap along the bottom and top edge of the collarbone to promote further drainage. 


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