Featured Ingredients

Orange Essence - enhances brain function, promotes alertness, helps alleviate anxiety, reduces pain and inflammation, improves slow digestion when rubbed over the abdomen.

Black Spruce - stimulates motivation and efficiency, used in meditative rituals to help ground, promotes hormonal equilibrium, improves overall function of adrenal glands during the winter months and helps to fight chronic lethargy when sunlight is lacking.

Black Pepper - stimulates the mind, enhances stamina and aids in awareness, boosts circulation, promotes emotional balance. 

Petit Grain Sur Fleurs - reduces nervous tension and stress, has a balancing and stabilizing effect on the autonomic nervous system, used for insomnia and nervous exhaustion, helps maintain healthy immune system function.

Blue Chamomile - relieves inflammation, improves respiratory function, reduces anxiety, calms the brain preventing stress signals from being sent to the digestive tract via the vagus nerve.

Frankincense - stimulates the immune system, promotes respiratory health, enhances mood, improves concentration and memory, reduces heart rate, stress levels, and blood pressure.