While hand washing with gentle soap is always preferred, hand sanitizer is still requisite these days when we are on the go. It was important to us to provide the LINNÉ community with a safer solution to standard sanitizer.

Our formula is free of harmful preservatives, methanol, triclosan, synthetics and unnecessary texturizing agents that are common in generic sanitizing products. It is made purely with high-grade ethyl alcohol, moisturizing glycerin, antiseptic hydrogen peroxide, and an uplighting, aromatic blend of antibiotics and anti-fungal essential oils that can help reserve bacteria resistance. The aromatic blend of organic eucalyptus, tea tree, cedarwood, lavadin grosso, and peppermint create a blend that uplifts the senses and is safe for frequent use.

Our sanitizer comes in two sizes: a 1 oz fine-mist travel size bottle and an 8 oz glass refill bottle. This allows you to refill your travel size when you’re running low, reducing single use waste. And because our formula is pure and simple, it’s appropriate for use on surfaces as well as skin. We know it’s not the most exciting product development, but it works. Add it to cart the next time you treat yourself to your LINNÉ skin essentials.

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