What Are the Benefits of Having Carrot in Your Skincare

Did you know that RENEW face serum contains whole, fresh carrot cells? Obtained by a specific enzymatic process, this suspension of fresh carrot, brings all the benefits of the original plant to the skin.

The process, known as Controlled Enzymatic Micro-Dissociation (CEMD), allows cells to separate from each other without altering their structure or shape.

Using this mild dissociation technique, only the middle layer of the cell wall is digested; allowing the other walls to remain protected and intact. Only when these dissociated cells come in contact with the skin, do they release their precious content, namely ß-carotene, a beauty vitamin for the skin and powerful free radical quencher.

Due to their rich content in nutritive elements, fresh cells act as natural vectors of activity and bring to the skin a healthy dose of antioxidants - in their own natural microcapsule. Together with the other antioxidants in RENEW face serum, these fresh carrot cells promote a healthy complexion and help fight everyday stress

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