RECIPE : Turmeric Potatoes with Avocado and Microgreens

For a decade prior to crafting this line of products, I was a farmer, cook and food stylist animated by the task of bringing nutrition to the table in delectable and eye-pleasing ways. My interest was always fueled by my excitement for ingredients: the way they are grown, sourced, prepared, taste, and perhaps most importantly how they can benefit the healthy functioning of the human body. Naturally of course, given their nutritional density, I felt compelled to create some dishes from the vary same ingredients I include within my skincare line.

In the following recipe we utilize a variety of potatoes, rich in potassium, vitamin C, calcium and phosphorous, for their ability to improve digestion, reduce cholesterol levels, boost heart health and strengthen the immune system. Potatoes applied topically are also known to brighten the skin and dark circles, promote faster healing and treat pimples. The other featured ingredient is avocado for all its remarkable healthy fats that serve as the building blocks of our hormones, brain and nerve tissue. These fats also form the protective layer around our cells keeping our skin healthy and radiant. Additionally the content of sterolins within avocado work with immune system to resolve issues such as psoriasis and eczema. This recipe also calls for tomato, in the form of a cooked paste. Lycopene, tomato's star nutrient, is much more bioavailable when the tomato is cooked. Tomato paste provides a dense concentration of this antioxidant and a lot of delicious umami flavor. And finally we use turmeric to infuse the wax potatoes with color, flavor and nutrients. We all love turmeric for its incredible anti-inflammatory activity!

A loose recipe for potatoes and avocado with micro greens and tomato salt.

Preheat the oven to 450 degrees fahrenheit.

Cut a mix of potatoes such as yellow wax potatoes, Japanese sweet and garnet yams into 1 inch cubes. I prefer to choose the smaller potatoes allowing for a greater ratio of skin to flesh. 

Par-boil the yellow potatoes in turmeric infused salted water. The sweet potatoes can be par-boiled in just salted water.

When a knife can be inserted into the potatoes without resistance drain the potatoes.

Toss them in safflower or other high heat oil and arrange in one layer on a baking sheet or cast iron pan. Place in oven.

Occasionally toss potatoes while cooking so all of the sides get a little brown and crispy. When sufficiently crisp remove from oven and allow to cool.

Turn the oven down to 225 degrees fahrenheit.

Spread unsalted tomato paste thinly over a silicon pan liner. Allow paste to become dry and remove from the oven when the paste is brittle. When cool, grind the paste in a spice grinder until it forms fine flakes. Add a light sprinkle of Maldon or fine pink himalayan salt to the tomato flakes. Can be made ahead.

Avocados and potatoes vary in size so rather than suggesting a certain number of each, I recommend a ratio of 3 potatoes to every 2 avocados. Scoop and mash avocado. Squeeze fresh lemon juice into mash until the flavor is bright with acidity. Stir in tomato salt.

To plate, I recommend spooning the avocado mash at the bottom of the bowl. Top mash with a pile of roasted potatoes. Sprinkle with more tomato salt and finish with microgreens- preferably mustard greens, cilantro greens or something else with a vibrant and peppery bite. 

Jenna Levine
Founder & CEO

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