What Is Melanin and What Is the Best Skincare Routine for Melanin Rich Skin?

what is melanin and what is the best skincare routine for melanin rich skin

Melanin is a group of molecules responsible for pigmentation of the skin. Produced by cells known as melanocytes, melanin produces different shades of pigment in the skin according to a person’s genetic makeup.

Aside from influencing the color of a person’s skin, melanin has antioxidant and photo-protective properties. These qualities coupled with greater oil production, allow melanated skin to better combat premature aging.

However oilier, studies show that darker skin can suffer from a higher rate of trans epidermal water loss than lighter skin. To address this we recommend hydrating with REFRESH mineral mist and RENEW face serum. REFRESH and RENEW will also help clear and constrict larger pores - often associated with oilier skin. The Vitamin C and niacinamide in RENEW serum will also help to even skin and promote a radiant, even skin tone.

Once hydrated, emollient-rich face oils, and occlusive, buttery balms help trap and seal-in moisture. We recommend BALANCE face oil and SMOOTH balm for oily, and blemish-prone skin types. Melanin-rich skin prone to hyperpigmentation may also benefit from REPAIR face oil, rich in ingredients known to even skin tone and reduce post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation. If your skin appears to be dry and ashy you may also like to finish your facial routine with our NURTURE balm

Regular, bi-weekly exfoliation with our SCRUB mask is recommended to keep larger pores clear, dissolve ashy, dehydrated cells, and prevent and correct hyperpigmentation. Unlike other physical exfoliants which can be overly-abrasive, our finely milled bamboo will gently yet effectively dislodge dull, dead-skin cells, without traumatizing fresh living cells. In addition to exfoliating, the glycolic acid in our SCRUB will help discourage breakouts by dissolving dead cells and excess sebum at the base of the pore.

As for cleanser, we recommend starting your facial routine with PURIFY. It will gently exfoliate, tone, and brighten as it cleanses. If however your skin is hyper-sensitive or extremely dry, you may prefer our CLEANSE, extra-creamy facial wash. It can be used on the body in addition to the face for clean, soft and nourished skin.

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