What Is Msm and Why Do We Use It in Our Refresh Mineral Mist?

 What Is Msm and Why Do We Use It in Our Refresh Mineral Mist?
Methylsulfonylmethane is an organosulfur compound that occurs naturally in humans, as well as some green plants and animals. It is a key ingredient in our REFRESH mineral mist.

MSM is an essential element of the body’s collagen production process, is vital in the formation of healthy skin, and in the rejuvenation process of damaged, dry, or aging skin. 

Its ability to improve cell permeability helps to cleanse the pores and allow skincare products to absorb more easily.

Organosulfurs also have detoxifying and anti-inflammatory properties, which allow it to help improve acne and other blemishes by healing scars, removing toxins from the skin, and accelerating the production of new skin cells. 

It works effectively to combat sagging skin, wrinkles, and dry or cracked skin, as it will smooth and soften the skin’s texture and strengthen its elasticity.

MSM is also a valuable oral supplement. It makes cells more permeable, allowing toxins and other waste to easily exit the cells, while simultaneously facilitating the entrance of vital nutrients and hydration. This quality also serves to accelerate healing; as MSM accelerates the elimination of lactic acid and other byproducts that cause pain and soreness: the healing process is naturally expedited and the body retains more energy. 

This energy can be redirected towards activity and this factor, combined with MSM’s increased ability to absorb nutrients, makes it an extremely powerful aid to digestion, the body’s most energy-intensive process. Organic sulfur’s ability to facilitate the removal of metabolic wastes from cells produces an anti-inflammatory effect.  

MSM is also known to be effective in increasing the flexibility of joints, as well as skin and muscle tissue, and for its incredible anti-parasitic and anti-allergic properties.

Get your daily dose by misting REFRESH generously from head to toe. For best results, apply to the face prior to RENEW face serum and your preferred LINNÉ face oil and on the body prior to REPLENISH everywhere oil, NURTURE face and body balm or SMOOTH healing balm.

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