Where Does the Name LINNÉ Come From?


why is the brand named LINNÉ?

Our namesake, the 18th century Swedish botanist, Carl Von Linné, is the embodiment of our efforts: He was first and foremost a plant enthusiast and lover of planet earth. As an ethnobotanist he studied and honored the way other cultures incorporated plants into their culinary and medical practices. He was a creative thinker and creator, dedicated to learning, healing and wellness.

As a professor he opened his classroom to all who wanted to learn with him, beyond those enrolled at the University of Uppsala where he taught.

He is best known as a botanist, but his greatest contributions to botany were a result of his frustrations as a physician. He wanted to ease the exchange of medical innovation, and thus laid the foundations for both binomial nomenclature and the taxonomic classification system. With this, he established a universal language for the sharing of herbal medicine and a system for understanding plant families.

In homage to Linné and his work, we strive toward the betterment of people and the planet as we continue to expand our community and bring safe and effective skincare to more people worldwide

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