The LINNÉ Evening Routine

the linne evening routine
We’re not withholding any “beauty secrets”. Along with a good diet and plenty of rest, here is our complete evening routine for clear, smooth, resilient, healthy skin.

Wash: You can skip the morning wash, but makeup, sunscreen, pollution and debris must be cleansed from skin EVERY evening. We can’t live without PURIFY FACE WASH for a deep cleanse. Have especially dry or sensitive skin? We made our new creamy CLEANSE wash just for you!

Mist: Call it a toner if you like; REFRESH will certainly keep your face fit, but unlike a typical astringent toner, ours is more akin to a floral essence or serum. It’s super-charged with hydrating, oxygenating, regenerative compounds that prep our skin and promote product absorption.

Protect: We’re all looking for ways to manage stress right? Skincare may be frivolous in a world wrought with conflict and natural disaster, but when you think about your skin as your largest organ exposed to the elements, its care isn’t entirely inconsequential. RENEW’s top goal is to reduce skin stress by supplying it with hydration and an array of superior antioxidants. Do not underestimate the value of this step.

Moisturize: Seal in all the aforementioned hydrators with essential fatty acids and regenerative, anti-inflammatory essential oils. Mature, dry, uneven: try REPAIR. Oily, blemish-prone: try BALANCE. Sensitive, young: try REPLENISH.

Prevent and correct: As in all healthcare, prevention is better than a cure. That means you can start using an eye treatment well before you see your first smile lines. REVIVE might seem like an unnecessary expense in your 20’s but it’s a worthwhile investment: early habits lead to long term results.  

Seal: Adding a balm to your routine can be a wonderful final step in your evening ritual. You can treat our NURTURE balm like an overnight mask. Apply it thick head to toe, giving extra attention to elbows, knees and heels. If you need something more “medicated”, try our SMOOTH balm. It works wonders on rashes, burns, dermatitis, cellulitis and psoriasis. Don’t forget you can use NURTURE and SMOOTH on your lips too!

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