The Secret to Gentle Cleansing

benefits of gentle cleansing
CLEANSE face and body Wash is an ultra-gentle creamy cleanser made with few but effective ingredients to promote calm, clear skin. It was formulated to be gentle enough for even a child’s delicate skin.

The base of this formula is a hydrating, nutrient dense lotion made with organic inner leaf aloe vera juice, steam-distilled calendula oil and cold-pressed passion fruit and buriti oil.

This rich cream is then cut with our superior, sulfate-free surfactant blend that allows the product to effectively remove dirt, debris and other pollutants. Used also in ACTIVATE body wash and PURIFY face wash , this unique surface active agent combines plant based fatty alcohols with glucose (sugar/starch), and is free of any impurities. Unlike the surfactant SLS, the chemical nature and the production process of our surfactant results in a product without ethylene oxide or 1,4-dioxane.

Also unlike other surfactants that can strip the skin, our blend has a lactylate sodium backbone that is able to penetrate the top layers of skin to offer residual moisturization and enhance the delivery of actives. When clinically tested, it was shown that small amounts of lactylate lay behind, still performing their moisturizing functions, after six weeks of wear and wash.

Needless to say, this combination of moisturizing ingredients is perfect for dry and delicate skin. Try it head to toe as a compliment to our PURIFY face wash and ACTIVATE body wash.

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