What is Skin-Cycling?

what is skin cycling?

Skin-cycling, a trending skincare concept, is truly just a new-fangled term for having a balanced skin care routine.

The crux of skin-cycling is preventing the over use of treatments and giving your skin time to rest and recover. The skin care method was recently popularized on Tik Tok by Whitney Bowe, MD, a New York-based board-certified dermatologist in response to the overuse of products during the pandemic. 

“People were adding layer after layer after layer onto their skin care routinesand experimenting with ingredient combinations that were irritating and damaging their skin,” Dr. Bowe says. “People seemed to know more about skin care than ever before, but their skin was blotchy and sensitive and breaking out because they were taking a more-is-better approach.”

At LINNÉ we have a less-is-more philosophy when it comes to the development of our comprehensive formulas. Our hardworking but gentle products are designed to feed the skin, not cause disruption or irritation - which is why you can use RENEW, our retinol alternative, twice a day everyday, not just on “Night 2”.

Supporting the skin in its natural process of recovery and repair is just how we roll. Nevertheless, for your ease and comfort, we created the LINNÉ skin cycling protocol that alternates “treatment nights” and “rest nights”. Let’s start together tonight!

Night 1 : Exfoliation

Begin by removing dirt, debris, sunscreen and makeup with your CLEANSE or PURIFY face wash. Follow with a gentle massage using SCRUB. Allow the mild alpha hydroxy acids at least 5 minutes to work their magic. Rinse and follow with your LINNÉ mist, serum and oil. Skip the slugging tonight.

 Night 2 : Retinol-Alternative

In Dr. Bowe’s skin-cycling regimen, night 2 is dedicated to retinols. While we do not offer a traditional retinol serum, our RENEW serum combines ingredients that promote cellular turnover, even pigmentation, reduction in fine lines and plump, hydrated and elastic skin. RENEW does this in a very gentle way so even though this is “Retinol Night”, because we are using RENEW, this can in fact be considered a “rest night”. Tonight, after cleansing, be extra generous with your application of RENEW. Let your skin absorb as much as it may like and spend an additional few minutes massaging it into the skin of the face, neck and chest. Follow with your preferred LINNÉ face oil.

Night 3 : Purification

This is typical the first night of “recovery” in skin-cycling, but because night 2 was in essence a recovery night, we’re dedicating night 3 to purification. Tonight, instead of using PURIFY as a cleanser, apply to dry skin with dry hands. Let it sit on the skin for ten minutes, allowing the clays to absorb impurities, the jojoba oil to deposit its ceramides, the olive leaf its polyphenols, the Dead Sea salt its minerals, and the lime, cypress and tea tree to impart their toning, antimicrobial constituents. Use your wet sea sponge to lather the product, and rinse the face clear. Immediately follow with REFRESH, RENEW and your favorite LINNÉ oil. If you like you can finish with NURTURE or SMOOTH balm to seal in the moisture and emollience. 

Night 4: Rest

This is your night to chill and keep it simple. Cleanse, tone, hydrate, and finish with your oil and/or balm. If you have an extra minute, treat your skin to a little lymphatic massage. Check out this massage tutorial or one of our several videos on instagram for some recommended techniques. 

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